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Massaging for 15 minutes

Hoboken's 'Dr. Dot' keeps rock stars happy

By Eugene Mulero
Current editor
April 10, 2003
LOOK AT ME - Dr. Dot will be massaging customers at Re-juice-a-Nation at 64 Newark St. in Hoboken on April 26. She is putting the finishing touches on Butt Naked and Backstage: Diary of the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Masseuse

What do Eminem, Mick Jagger, Courtney Love, Ice-T, Steven Tyler, Lauryn Hill, Sheryl Crow, Liam Gallagher, Bruce Willis and Sting have in common? They have all been massaged by Dr. Dot.

The self-described masseuse of the rock stars, Dr. Dot (Dorothy Stein) moved to Hoboken this year looking for notoriety. Back in Germany, where she lived for more than a decade, the tabloids made her a familiar face for hanging around celebrities. With an autobiography in the works and New York City media exposure, Dot is fervently working on becoming a household name. She wants to be the people's masseuse and relationships expert.

For now she'll settle with local public appearances, private massages, and talking her way through the back stages of the city's rock clubs.

Worked her way into concerts

"I'm a very ambitious person. Everything that comes my way I turn it around and make it positive," Dot said. "I've been with these stars for so long, it's my time now."

Born in South Jersey, Dot grew up in Connecticut. Her parents separated when she was a teenager, and that's when she began going to concerts. Many times she did not have enough money to buy tickets, so she would ask promoters or bodyguards if the musicians wanted a massage, a skill she learned from her mother.

"They always let me in to massage rock stars. Very rarely did they ask questions," she said.

From the mid-'80s through the early '90s, Dot massaged more than 100 musicians for free. Her technique was to "hunt them down" and be persistent. She claims Frank Zappa was the first to call her "doctor" after receiving a massage. Dot would photograph her encounters, and she says she briefly dated former Ramones frontman Joey Ramone.

"I was a teenager and went out with Joey. He was very shy," Dot said. "He was the first and only rock star I dated."

In the mid-'90s, Dot took a break from massaging to start a family. She moved to Berlin and became a housewife. She was happy caring for her daughter and partner, but eventually concert promoters began to call her to invite her to shows. Dot agreed to massage musicians again, only this time, her services were not free. She also landed a job impersonating Madonna at clubs in Berlin. The press noticed Dot, and the exposure transformed her into a celebrity in Germany, she said.

"It was a blessing to be in Germany, because I had access to every star. I'm a star magnet. I meet them all the time," Dot said. "I've always been very good at entertaining the stars. That's why they love me. It's not like I'm a boring masseuse who goes in, massages and goes home. I make them laugh all night long."

During her career, Dot said she never had intimate relations with her clients. She earned their respect by giving them excellent massages with her trademark "bite" massage - a technique where Dot bites the back to release tension.

Dot enjoys massaging rockers because she idolizes them, she said.

"I know how to work them," she said. "I'd give them a massage, we'd hang out all night, and they'd do wild stuff. Rock stars love to play with fire. They know I'm writing a book and they still do crazy things."

The book

Dot, 33, moved to Hoboken in January to pursue a career in showbiz. She is putting the finishing touches on Butt Naked and Backstage: Diary of the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Masseuse. Several publishers have expressed an interest, she said. The book would document the journey she traveled to go from a fan to a star.

"I would never ridicule a star. I don't talk negatively about people's bodies. It's my life's story, and I'm mentioning how lucky I am to have touched my heroes. But it's not a brown-nosing book, either, because you can't write about 20 years in rock 'n' roll and not have sex and drugs in it," she said.

Flynn Joseph, manager of Integrated Body Therapy Institute at 119 Washington St. in Hoboken, offered Dot workspace so she could develop clients and promote his business.

"I heard she was popular in Europe. I have her on board and she is offering massages. It's good for business," Joseph said.

Dot also befriended Hoboken merchant Harout Dermenjian at Re-juice-a-Nation at 64 Newark St. On April 26 in the afternoon, Dot will be promoting the smoothie spot and giving massages to patrons.

"I trust people will come and check her out," Dermenjian said. "She is energetic and very friendly."

According to Dot, her agent is talking with cable executives to land a deal for a show. Dot would entertain audiences by offering love, relationship and fitness advice.

"I'm all over the place right now," she said. "Fame does not come overnight but I want it from the world. It's my turn for attention."

For more information, visit www.drdot.com or call (973) 953-5291. q

©The Hudson-Current 2003
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