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Kat in Syracuse, NY, USA

Massage Therapist

Im Kat. The newest member of the Dot Bot team, and a proud one at that.

Ive always wanted to part of Dr. Dots team for many years now, but never thought I could dedicate the time to do it. Timing is everything in life and now is my time. Im the baby of eight siblings, three brothers, four sisters and two bathrooms.

Not exactly the Brady Bunch, but I love them all. Im a proud parent of a 15 year old girl who wont stop growing on me despite my efforts. In my spare time (whatever that is), I like to work outside and go to auctions.

I started giving massage at the age of 8. My brothers would pay me a quarter to walk on their back. In high school the same thing would happen, people would come to me with a sore shoulder, bad back, sore wrist, (stuff like that), and I would do my best to make it better. I would even go to the library and look up massage techniques. After high school I went college for fine art thinking that I can go massage school later on in life. 10 years later I did.

I went to Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse NY, completing 1000 hours of training. Ive been practicing since 2002 and have continued my education in many courses in massage since then. I make a goal every year to learn something new. In my practice I do like the soft gentle massage but my specialty is the deep tissue techniques.

My services include:

Medical, Treatment, or Orthopedic Massage



Sports Massage

Myofascial Techniques

Ashiatsu - its where I use my feet for deeper pressuure


Hot Stone

Bamboo Fusion- Warmed tools made of Bamboo for deeper pressure.

When it comes to music, Im pretty eclectic, but Im a bit of a throw back. I like older country, the new stuff I think is just rock pop in disguise, nothing wrong with that.

I do feel that Little Richard is the true King of Rock and Roll, but I have nothing against Elvis (I love Elvis). Im a big fan of Live Music and I love my job, so if youre in the Syracuse, Utica, Rochester, Albany, Binghamton, CNY area BOOK ME. You wont regret it.

Peace, Love, and Understanding, Kat


“"She was awesome. Great masseuse, just like you said"”
Peter, Kid Rock tour manager



  • “Dear Dr Dot, Thank you for setting up Therapists along the way of our tour. THAT was a huge help to Band/Crew to keep them feeling better and fit! Thank you! Brad ”
    Johnny Lang Tour manager Brad
  • “"thanks a lot for your help during our tours"”
    Zucchero tour manager Laura
  • “"Hi Dot, everyone was happy with their massage - so thumbs up! Thanks for arranging for us! Cheers, Yvette"”
    Bon Jovi TMA Yvette
  • “I would never get a massage anywhere else except through Dr. Dot with her team; they are all excellent.”
    Rob Halford (Singer of Judas Priest)
  • “"Thank you so much for the last minute request on our side. Best in the business!!!"”
    Tyler the Creator & Odd Future manager Brick
  • “Hi Dot, FYI Danielle in Salt Lake City was amazing, she worked on my whole crew and band and everyone loved her. Thanks again Tony ”
    Tony, TM: Victoria Justice / Cobra
  • “I am amazed at how efficient your team is. Bravo!”
    Helen PMA Lady Gaga tour
  • “"Dr. Dot and her team are GREAT; the Dot Bots did an amazing job, thanks for helping us on tour"”
    Zucchero Tour manager, Raymond A.
  • “ "The bots this tour have all been awesome and made everyone have a better time." Sam”
    Edward Sharp and the magnetic Zero's
  • “"My guys were very pleased. Thanks for pulling through last minute"”
    Manchester Orchestra TM Nate
  • “"I have always used her people and they are great. Simon"”
    Simon S., Roger Waters Tour Manager
  • “Dr. Dot always has the best massage therapists.”
    Johnny - Bass Player (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
  • “Please let Dr. Dot know that I am very happy with all of the Dot Bot's this summer.”
    Steve Miller
  • “To Whom It May Concern: I have been touring for about 22 years with many different bands (Dave Matthews, Tracy Chapman, Primus, etc etc...) The masseuse I had today for The Weepies show at The State Room in SLC, Danielle, was perhaps one of the best I have ever had. Everything from her disposition to her skills. My entire band and crew adored her. I felt it was important to tell how amazing this woman was, and how she brightened our day. Best Regards, Brett Manager The Weepies”
    Brett, Manager The Weepies
  • “"Once again, Dr Dots comes thru! Thanks!"”
    Victor Wooten PM/TM Jack T.
  • “Dr. DOT is the best. She has this ability to relate to everyone somehow and is so passionate about massage, what other boss do you know comes out and does massage, obviously she only hires the best.”
    Jeremy (Bassist of Paramore)
  • “"All was great, thanks so much"”
    The Cult tour manager, Tony
  • “"My tour manager wanted me to tell you Leslie was great. Very professional. He has never had an hour massage or someone come to his room. It was a nice treat for him and he doesn't have FB or Twitter but wanted me to tell you how professional your company was. The Wailers will be using you exclusively"”
    The Wailers PA Michele V.
  • “"We were absolutely delighted with your service- very many thanks. Cheers Simon"”
    Perfume (Japanese Band)
  • “"Both Kaya and Skye did a great job for us. We love your team, please send more Dot Bots asap"”
    Experience Hendrix Tour
  • “I am very impressed with the Dr. Dot team! Your team is consistent, professional and give an outstanding massage. I like the idea that all Dot Bots are auditioned/tested before they get on the team.”
    Carl (Madness)
  • “"Thank you very much for the recent US run. You sent us some great Bots. My favorite was Calgary, she was awesome!"”
    Rod Stewart Tour Manager Matt O.
  • “"Very pleased with the service, cheers Dot"”
    Overtones Tour manager
  • “"The band LOVES your Dot Bots, thank you so much Dr. Dot"”
    Matisyahu manager Jason
  • “Thank you for always being able to get people here quickly. It has been a big help.”
    Matthew - Production Coordinator (Lady Gaga)
  • “Rachelle = no more muscle spasms You both are my heroes. The rest of the crew is complete agreement. Tom H”
    Three Dog Night TM Tom H.
  • “"As always thank you! Great service as ever. TB"”
    Tyler the Creator Tour manager Tim Boardman
  • “Thank you.. Also.. The person that came out to our Chicago show (Ali) was amazing, and because of her i decided to look into getting more book for the tour. Thanks again Roger Nightwish - Tour Mg”
    Nightwish Tour Manager Roger
  • “Thank you for your service and follow up”
    Diana Krall TM Maria
  • “"I feel much better since getting massage from Dot-Bots and I am thrilled with my progress. You guys have saved me!"”
    Gypsy, Tour manager of Behemoth


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